Announced in Las Vegas at CES 2014, Nanoport is a new patent pending magnetic connector that allows wire-free data and power transfer between devices. The magnetic port also provides a temporary physical hold between devices without the need of extra hardware. Nanoport is customizable and bus agnostic, allowing for secure, high-speed wireless data transfer in a variety of formats.

Enabled devices can also be rearranged into various forms, allowing dynamic reconfiguration and modularity between devices, and present new unique opportunities for hardware and software development. With Nanoport, users can tile multiple screens to create impromptu folding tablets, combine extensions like batteries, speakers or cameras, or create their own unique combinations of custom gadgetry.

"Nanoport effectively turns electronics into building blocks that can be combined to create new devices, then reconfigured for alternate uses," said Tim Szeto, CEO and Founder. "Nanoport gives us new ways to interact with our devices, and new ways for devices to interact with each other."

Nanoport also makes it possible to use touch devices as alternate interfaces for hardware. Smartphones can be used to extend or augment the capabilities of compatible electronics, appliances, and even vehicles through the magnetic connectors. The Nanoport temporarily holds the various devices together for seamless use without any extra hardware.

Nanoport Enabled Device Benefits:

  • Modular plug and play hardware (batteries, displays, speakers, controllers, other devices, etc.)
  • Peer-to-peer device tiling and modularity between devices (multi-display interfaces for gaming, collaboration, media)
  • Secure, high speed data transfer
  • Power transfer
  • Wireless convenience
  • Supplemented interfaces (for electronics, appliances and vehicles)


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